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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’ve lived an interesting life… and that ignites my interest in people and business.  I started up and was CEO of a venture fund in Sofia, Bulgaria just after the wall had fallen (1991). Our aim was to support the development of private enterprise in the former communist country.  In China, just after Tiananmen Square uprising happened, I was part of the team figuring out how to bring Procter & Gamble products into a country that could not afford even a bottle of shampoo. 

Meanwhile in Hong Kong I ran the largest share brand of all P&G hair product in the world - the Queen of Shampoo!  Later, in Serbia and Montenegro, I helped start the very first banks for the poor - so that they could get loans to start small businesses. At the same time I witnessed Slobodan Milošević on trial just a few miles from my home in The Hague. 


In 2005 I began my quest to understand what makes us humans tick.  I studied, among others, under Thich Nhat Hanh in his Plum Village monastery, walked Transformation Trails in the African jungle and discovered the Enneagram with Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.  I have been motivated since to know that people can change, can become happier and more fulfilled, can be more effective in whatever their drive and interest is.  We have it in ourselves and I can be a co-pilot providing some direction and encouragement!


I grew up in New England, attended Dartmouth College and then The Harvard Business School.  I met my wonderful Dutch husband and we started a 30 year trip living around the world balancing two careers and children.  I've lived in 5 countries and worked or traveled in over 40. My four grown children make me proud as well as remind me that I don’t always know what’s cool!  Now in Colorado, each morning the magnificent Rocky Mountains remind me that we are part of this glorious planet - let's love and thrive and give! 

Nicole W.

One of the best parts of our day was the way Searl interacted with our audience! She was totally present and smart as hell!

Teresa R. 

Searl is the epitome of a deep coaching professional established through years of business experience and just plain practical wisdom.  Her professionalism and kind demeanor made everyone feel instantly comfortable in a recently led YPO forum retreat.  The Inner Landscape exercise she created resonated well with our group and generated thoughtful and deep discussion.  After a day with Searl, we left with renewed vigor and enthusiasm and would definitely work with her again.  

Bart vL.

Been there/done that -- majored in psychology and have gone through too many to count group exercises over the years.  Had no expectations that this would be any different, but it was:  insightful, fun, trigger for much conversation.

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